Advantages of Google Ads or PPC Campaigns for your Online Business

Google Ads

Google AdWords helps business owners reach their target audience, build brand awareness online, and deliver desired results.

Marketing has changed completely in recent years and Google Ads is the best way to do it. It is the most effective online paid advertising platform. This method is used by various large, medium and small businesses. These businesses have one thing in common that they want to use for most people who need information, services and products on the Internet. When used correctly, Google Ads can send a lot of people to your website who want exactly what you’re showing. Lately, if you are not using Google Ads, you should really reconsider this platform.

Here are the main reasons for using Google Ads:

Google Ads engages customers

Google Analytics is the perfect lead generation tool. If your campaigns are well-planned, they can drive targeted customers to your portal, e-commerce website, or other online resource. This allows you to focus on the audience who find what you have to offer. It could be your service, product or business. This means that you can improve your search results repeatedly so that only those who want to receive your services or products will access your portal through this platform.

Faster and more transparent results than SEO


The online presence of businesses on Google really helps increase sales than on any other platform. In the search engine, companies have a great opportunity to appear in front of the public at the right time when they are looking for their services and products. However, keep in mind that if the opportunities are great, the competition will be really tough. This is why organic search engine rankings are such a daunting task. Perfectly optimizing websites and trusting certified websites with backlinks can yield great results, but it’s a time-consuming process, so you need to be patient.

With Google Ads, businesses can quickly achieve better results. But you will also face increased competition. This method allows you to easily understand the reports and results of your campaigns as soon as they are launched. Analyzing the improvement of your Google Ads campaigns is easy as its dashboard provides you with all the information specific to each campaign, such as cost per click, keywords entered by website visitors, ads clicked on, etc.

This makes Google AdWords a very seamless and fast process that doesn’t take long to navigate and understand.

Flexible marketing process

pay per click Campaigns

Anyone who uses Google AdWords a lot will tell you right away that this is an important flexible marketing process. Suitable for businesses of all sizes and types. You can literally turn it off and on again with this method. This process also works well for a wide variety of other software systems and marketing platforms.

For example, you can download PPC Campaigns data and analysis using Excel spreadsheets.

The promotion can be easily changed to focus on specific online visitors. You can focus on audiences in different fields, people using different tools, and people on different portals owned by Google such as YouTube, the Google search engine, and other content from websites that display Google ads.

You can set your budget based on how much you want to spend on this type of promotion. For example, planning daily limits and budgets for the amount you are willing to spend on clicks on certain keywords.

Easily manage your campaigns:

Google AdWords provides tools to easily monitor and manage your accounts without any hassle.

If you use different Google Ads accounts, a Multi-Account Center (MC) account is a great time-saving tool. It allows you to manage and view all your Google Ads accounts from one place.

You can manage your Google Ads account offline with Google Ads Editor, a free app that lets you easily make changes to your account. With this tool, you can import your account information, edit your offline promotions, and then import the edited information into Google Ads. With Google Ads Editor, you can edit, manage, and view different accounts at the same time.

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Google Ads is making several updates to app campaigns


Google Ads is making changes to in app campaigns to simplify creation and drive additional conversions.

Let’s find out more about these App Campaign updates:


Bids with high conversions in app campaigns


Advertisers can now enjoy high conversion rates through app promotions.

This allows you to optimize your app promotion campaigns to generate as many installs as possible in less time.

Google highlights how fast high conversion rates will work:

  • For installations, you must click on modify the promotion parameters of your application.
  • Select the “Paris” option.
  • Leave the Define target cost per installation check box unchecked.
  • Save changes

After running a campaign for apps with high conversion rates for a few weeks, advertisers will determine the CPI.

Requires a simple image for app campaigns

App campaigns currently support over 30 different sizes and sizes of graphic elements. Google Ads now changes from an image based on size to an image based on aspect ratio.

Google says it will build the creative process efficiently and easily.

Three image reports:

  • Portrait (4: 5): Smallest 320 x 400 format, recommended format 1200 x 1500.
  • Square (1: 1): the smallest size is 200 x 200, the recommended size is 1200 x 1200.
  • Landscape (1.91: 1): largest is 1200 x 628, smallest is 600 x 314.

Google is increasing the image file size limit from 150KB to 5MB so that items can be downloaded in good quality.

In anticipation of these changes, advertisers are tasked with analyzing their image and changing which ones they would like to continue showing.


Google Ads is an important advertising tool that was never created and handles millions of requests per day. This process is a great opportunity to turn your business into leads and prospects. On the other hand, Google Ads makes several changes to online businesses so that they can get more value. Once you know how Google Ads work and how to get help from a PPC expert, you will know how to get huge rewards from Google Ads.

Questions people also ask:


Are Google ads useful?

It takes money and time with Google Ads, but several business owners have said it is worth it because Google Ads offers a measurable return on investment.

How does Google paid ads work? 

Google Ads is a Google advertising system in which advertisers place bids on specific keywords to display interactive ads in Google search results. While advertisers have to pay money for those clicks, this is how Google makes money on every search.

What are the charges of Google ads?

The average cost per click on Google Ads is $ 1 per search engine.

Is Certification of Google AdWords free of cost? 

You can get Google AdWords certification for free.

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