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When you clicked on a dead link while surfing on the internet. It Shows you to a 404 not found page, this is not a good thing for the users. These broken links affect the web traffic impending to your site and also affect the position of your site on internet. Now, I will discuss about these free broken link checker, the best-broken link checkers, and how to use these broken links?

We have compiled a list of free broken link checker tool in 2021 for you. You can find the free broken link checker tools on your website that are upsetting your web pages.

How To Use Broken Link Checker Tool

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a good on initial point to find the dead link checker. Go to the dashboard of Google Search Console, and you will find a summary under current status of any issues Google might have exposed during your domain indexing.

Google Search Console is a free group of tools that help you save your site healthy and Google-friendly. You might already have it set up and can ask Google crawlers to scan your site for error 404 broken link checker for you.  After Google is done crawling the site up to one week you can access the Crawl Errors report to see all the pages that returned a 404 error.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO broken links is one of the common WordPress plugins with menu option connected to the Google Search Console. You can, consequently, directly check and fix your links from WordPress Admin. It is totally free of cost and very easy to use. It gives you the broken links in your site and specifies which links need your attention.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a very prevalent WordPress preferred plugin to locate broken links. It already has a very high ranking of consumers gathering 4.2 out of 5. It is downloaded above than 500,000 times by the users. You can promote a scan of your website blog after installing this tool, and the tool prepares reports and assembles information while working in the background.

You have some replacements to how to continue with the dead link checker online in this broken link checker tool. The “Edit URL” option lets you modify the URL, “Not Broken” option permits you to mark a broken link as not broken. The “Dismiss” feature eliminates the link from the list of broken links.

Free Broken Link Check is used to find the broken links in websites and is a high-quality tool for the same purpose. The Broken Link check is enormously easy to use and offers feedback with both an SRC and a URL to decide which section of your code is incorrect. It searches for online broken link checker or dead links on your blogs and websites and can test an infinite number of web pages for broken links.

Also, no limit for checking webpages on google.  It scans all URLs (internal and external) and designates the broken links in HTML of the website. Broken Link check tool can run on all some platforms, like as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux.

Prepostseo Link Checker

Prepostseo Link Checker tool is another adding to the dead link checker online tools. It is very well-organized in searching the broken links on a website. This tool is presented by Prepostseo, which is a complete suite of SEO tools, and their broken linker checker is one of all those tools which is offered by prepostseo.

They are available 24/7 support for all of their tools, and it makes them stand separately from their competitors. When dead link checker online using these tools, they give you the anchor, follow status, type of the link, and live status of the link at the same time.

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Ahrefs Broken Link Checker

Ahrefs Link Checker tool provides a complete report associated to all the backlinks to your site. It also can understand by what means of your site, the links are increasing or dropping. Therefore backed up by the prime database of live backlinks and great crawling speed of Ahrefs  Bot. It is a good tool for knowing info about the broken backlinks transversely the network in one place.

Notice backlinks to your competitor out-of-place content pages. Discover broken external links on linked websites through exporting links. Filter and classify backlinks. Display the complete image of do-follow and no-follow links for any URL. Can’t export graphs from the pages. No complete SEO consequences exist. Exclusive for small start-ups. Charges will be applicable to user.

SmallSEOtools Link Checker

Dead links make the user experience very unfriendly, and can damage the status of your website. It makes sense that having some broken links on a website is often raised to as “link rot” – because it is as immoral as the phrase sounds. Using this free broken link checker tool will save you the misfortune, and you will be able to keep the trustworthiness of your website.

This broken link checker tool will rapidly locate any dead links on your website. This way you can accurate any errors instantly. Everybody can use it limitless times, and it comes to you for free! It is totally free, hence needs no credits, no software care, and no installation.

Small SEO Tools suggestions tools like Link Count Checker Tools and Link Analyzer which can advantage you to square the internal & external links and backlinks of your web pages.

W3C Link Checker

This tool gives you selections while scrutinizing the broken links of your websites like display only summary, hide transmits, check only documents, title etc. In Final consequences, it brings the status of the link and lists the problems found complete checking those broken links. This free dead link checker is a part of Value Web Tool and W3C’s Validators.

It scrutinizes the issues in the links, anchors, and referenced things in the whole website. Restraint can be well-known on how deep the tool goes. It uses HTML and CSS for getting the best results of scanning is little bit low, and Error messages show in long words than it is looked-for.

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What is 404 Not Found Error?

You will notice that there are different kinds of error codes after using any of the above software to locate your broken link checker. You will encounter the 404 Not Found Error while browsing on the web or maybe in your individual website. This error code means the user requested page is not found by the server. It may also be the cause that the URL is cracked and not improved yet, or the page has been enthused or deleted from the server.

How to fix the broken links?

It is a good gadget to use a tool to find dead or broken links, but even after they are initiate, you still must patch-up them. You can fix these links by via some possibilities. You have mistyped the link you can check. If the posted link is not correct, type the link correctly.

Check if the dead link on your website is the link to alternative website that is not working. In this case, remove the link instantly because it will affect your site. There are various ways to fix the broken links on your website.

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