How to Make Money from Blogs? You Must Know!

How to Make Money from Blogs

How to Make Money from Blogs?

In an era where technology has advanced, making money is no longer so difficult. You can use the technology to get coffers of money or money, as long as you want to think creatively and are not shy about distributing your creations. One of the media that is often used to get it is the blog path . But, how to make money from a blog?

Blogs are media that are used to disseminate various types of information with unlimited content, whether it is in the form of writing, videos, images, or so on. For those of you who like to write, creating content on a blog can be a main or side source of income. Moreover, you who are still a student can be the first step to make money.

However, it is not uncommon for teenagers today who have an interest in writing to be confused about where to start to make money from blogs. Lack of experience and ability is the reason they often have difficulty getting blogging ideas.

How to Get Money from Blog

How to Get Money from Blog

For those of you who are still confused about how to make money from a blog, first take a look at some of the ways below:

Start Blog

The first step you must do is create a blog. Without a blog platform, you certainly can’t start blogging. You don’t have to use the paid ones if you’re just starting out for the first time. There are many free platforms for you to choose from.

Choose a Blog Platform

Before you decide which blog platform to choose, you must first find out the advantages and disadvantages of each blog platform. In addition, you also have to be able to adjust it to your liking.

Suppose you like tinkering with the HTML code, you can choose a blog platform that provides free layout creation features. But if you can’t, you can use a blog platform that already has a theme. One of the widely used blogging platforms is , you can start from there.

Create a Blog Domain Name

After selecting the blog platform, then you create a domain name. It’s better for you to specify a domain name that matches what content you want to build. It doesn’t have to be long, as long as the name is unique, it will be easy to remember so that people can easily find your blog later.

Create Blog Themes

One of the keys to how to make money from a blog to be successful is to create a page or layout for your blog . Make it as interesting as possible so that it can attract a lot of readers. Try to choose a design that has been adapted to your content so that readers can become interested in following your blog.

For those of you who use a theme from the blog platform, you can choose a paid or free one. But there’s nothing wrong with choosing a paid one because the layout is automatically user friendly on both the desktop and mobile browsers .

Generating Content

Create interesting, inspiring, or entertaining content because it can quickly attract many readers. What you need to avoid when writing content is not copying other people’s work, let alone providing hoax information .

Plagiarizing other people’s work will make readers bored with the content of the same writing. If you take a reference from someone else’s work, include the website address and change it to your own writing style.

Looking for Readers

Not infrequently many people who are new to the world of blogging are more focused on finding ways to build it in a technical way. But how to make money from blog the right way? Make sure you don’t focus too much on one thing, because you also need to think about your target audience.

There’s nothing wrong with doing a survey so you can better understand and get to know your target audience. Another way is that you participate in responding to your readers’ comments or giving quizzes like giveaways.

This is what can be a source of blog income

The question that is often asked is where can you get blog income from?

Affiliate Marketing

For those who are still beginners, quite profitable income can be obtained from Affiliate Marketing . What this means is that the content that you have created previously is directed to readers to view, buy, or even use certain products.

If you are lucky, readers who open the link on your blog and make a purchase or something else, then you will get a commission from the sale.

CPA Marketing

Similar to the previous source of income, CPA Marketing is also a commission that is given when readers take certain actions on your blog. Some examples of actions that make you earn from this system are filling out registrations, entering an active email address, downloading files, or becoming a subscriber to certain services.

Even though it’s relatively easy, make sure you first join one of the CPA Networks. There are many to choose from, but you have to choose the right one because the rules vary. If you are still a beginner, it is better to choose one whose entry requirements are still standard.

Recurring Income

Another income from blogs is recurring income. The trick is to provide offers to regular members to become permanent members or join the loyalty program. After logging into permanent members, they can freely unlock premium content that they previously could not access.

Service or Service

Not only advertising is a source of your income, but you can also offer services or services. You can offer online training services, design, article writing, online consulting, and so on.

Of course, you will not get any deduction from your income if the client contacts you directly. It’s different if you use a third party.

Making Promising Money at Dr. Cash

One of the largest Affiliate Marketing services in the world, namely Dr. Cash . The service is a CPA-based service that only focuses on beauty and health products. If you become a marketer and do CPA advertising by offering products from Dr. Cash, of course you can receive a commission when a reader makes a purchase through your blog.

Until now, Dr. Cash already offers more than 2,400 offers on their program, plus 46 niches in beauty and health products. The service program is not only on a small scale, but also internationally. So all webmasters and beginners from various countries can join this program, including Indonesia.

From the payment method used, Dr. Cash provides various conveniences, namely through Paypal, Paxum, and bank transfers. However, if you go through Paypal and Paxum, the payout must be at least $50, while bank transfers are at least $1500. If you want to make a withdrawal transaction less than that nominal, you will be charged an additional 3% of the total payment you get.

There’s a reason why you should use Dr. Cash. The first is that you can get the maximum blog increase. They will certainly always improve their ad pages, analyze ads, as well as increase reader traffic.

The second reason is Dr. Cash is a fast platform and modern technology. So, you can get information quickly even if it’s just a few clicks. Therefore, it is undeniable that Dr.Cash can increase your source of income.

From the explanation of how to make money from blogs and their sources, one of them is Dr. Cash, you’re not confused anymore are you? Just do it from now on, especially those of you who are still looking for a side business. Make blogs and programs from Dr. Cash is an advantage for your additional income. Good luck!!!

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