10 Reasons Why Making Money with Blogging Will be Hard

Making Money with Blogging

Making money with blogging is hard or simple but everyone wants to make money and be famous without investing too much effort or hard work. We are all looking for an easy way out to win. Aren’t we? We often see many people trying too many things which they like or have an interest in for making money.

According to the latest trend, people are attracted to the growing sector of writing blogs. Many people find it as an easy way to make money while some don’t even consider it as a career and definitely not as a way to make money.

Whether you forget it as a hobby, an interest, or a diversion, blogging has been in talks for being an interesting and effective way to making money.

Looking for quantity to guide their economic needs. The ease that you get with a profession as a blogger is something that could be a dream for many. You have your own time, your own mood, your own space to write being your own boss. What bigger can all the people ask for?

Making money success with blog

Making Money with Blogging isn’t Simple

Until now, we’ve all been drawn to this sector of Coruscant, but as well as its many benefits, it also has a darker side. Blogs need you to be resourceful, innovative, and distinctive in terms of writing and presentation. it cannot be boring and monotonous in its approach. And certainly, making money with blogging by doing the same thing, again and again, is not possible.

Many new bloggers enter the industry hoping to start making money instantly, but like any other field, this too requires patience. It takes a lot of work with blogging to reach out to people and spread your stems. Don’t consider your blogs just as a way to make money, but as a source to reach many people.

We, with this article, are trying to let you know why it is hard to make money out of blogging. If you are thinking to take a swim in this ocean just to get pearls, well, we suggest you give this a read first and then take a call. Here we are with the reasons why it would be hard to make money with blogging:

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1. Picked A Wrong Niche

Most newbies decide on a different segment that will pay high. However, believe yourself, can you prove your experience? each niche works if you are writing informative and useful content. The traffic will save your blog.

Most bloggers think popular niches can bring huge traffic in a short time. It should be a case with you, however not for everyone. The traffic is only the potential users are convinced.

you can decide on any niche. Justify yourself. Post content when thoroughly research. Keep your eyes on the competition. Set up Google Analytics and perform traffic analysis.

2. No Concrete Business Model

As every entrepreneur says, it is important to have a solid business model to run a business but the case is different with blogging. Like any other business, it does not have a customer base, resources, products, etc. planned. you don’t basically have a plan or design in blogging.

What you need to focus on is making and growing connections early on, keeping the money factor aside for some time.

Engage Audience to Content

3. No Connection with Audience

Well, if you want to be rich overnight, then blogging is not certainly the right thing to do. Blogging is not a money printing machine, but a way to connect with people.

The idea of starting to make money from the day you launch is just a virtual truth. And if making money with blogging is your prime goal, then you must try your hands with some magic. We guess.

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4. Not the Right Questions

We all believe that we always do things right and it is the fault of others if something goes wrong. Rather than asking how you can make money or drive traffic with highly engaged, the question of concern should Be it how you can improve your blog or writing skills so you can win as many people as you want.

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People expect some kind of magic to happen where they can get a rain of money. them with many people liking them but this requires complete attention with sheer hard work.

5. Working on Free Blogging Platform

Almost every blogger starts a free blog to save money. Where they get very limited options to earn money and SEO. After a while, they recognize that not everything is good at all.

WordPress.com does not allow you to place Ads for free.

But Blogger (Blogspot) allows placing AdSense ads. It supports SEO for experts, but not for students.

Doing on-page SEO is a bit difficult where keyword density plays a vital role. Checking keyword density is a very time taking process.

Adding rich snippets to blog posts will be possible with help of technical expertise.

If you can start your blog with little investment then must opt for Self-hosted WordPress. That can give you full control over your blog. You can do everything on your blog to make money and SEO.

If you do not like the blog for money then you can stick to Google Blogger (Blogspot). It is an amazing blogging platform to share your point of view.

At least one custom domain on a free Blogspot website can help you maintain professional decorum.

6. Serving Low-Quality Content

You must serve excellent content material. It allows you to interact with and retain customers from exclusive channels. The Low Jump Fee Mystery is excellent content material.

Google looks for excellent content material, this is attractive to customers. You can publish it daily, weekly, or monthly, but customers need useful and secure information.

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Thus, begin writing well-researched articles with a novel agitation. ne’er ignore adding references from high-ranking blogs create trust among new users. Content ought to be typo-free. Write short paragraphs, make bullet points and add headings to enhance readability.

Keyword research is important

7. Do not Know SEO and Keyword Research

online content isn’t just like offline content. publication content online needs correct keyword research. High-quality unique content can never rank in Google if no keyword is present within the content body.

Most of the newbies publish content in their own words however they ought to publish content in the words of users. as a result, users search your content in search engines and are available on your site. They use their words to look at your content, not yours. If you recognize what users are looking out then you’ll rank higher and quality content will have interaction and retain them.

a keyword analysis is hardly a half-hour job. however, will attract and retain a high volume of traffic. you will opt for long-tail keywords to drive a lot of organic traffic from search engines.

should do on-page SEO. WordPress users can use Yoast SEO plugins.

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8. Wrong Money Making Approach

many bloggers have an enormous quantity of traffic however not worth it. they’re employing the wrong approach to create money. however your blog can decriminalize it depending on your niche and target audience.
As a blogger, you’ll be able to earn through-

1. AdSense or Alternatives
2. Sponsored Posts
3. Affiliate promoting

Before implementing, AdSense should do a heat map analysis. it’ll assist you tons to understand wherever you must place ads.
Sponsored posts may be a supply of earnings but still content should be useful to your audience. Otherwise, users will leave you as a result of they’ll solely get data about promotional products or services.

Affiliate promoting will work for a few web logs however not for all. It desires totally different channels except for your blog to grow and earn a lot and more. folks tell and name affiliate marketing but ne’er share their secrets however they’re commercialism products to earn the commission.
I like to recommend undertaking most monetization choices to understand that one can assist you to earn. when knowing that continue only one.

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9. Do Not Trust Link Building

each article ought to have keywords and it’ll begin ranking. however, except for on-page SEO upper-level, the online page takes the assistance of backlinks.

each weblog post desires links and it helps Google to spot your content is helpful to others.

Doing keyword analysis and publication content brings traffic but content with backlinks will bring enormous traffic. So, do not forget to create links for every blog post.

Link building essential

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10. Less Content Structure

The content structure should be organized. Suppose your blog is regarding however making cash online. Then web log classes may be “blog setup”, “blog design”, “SEO” and then on. every class will have sub-categories. These are linking each other. Everything is organized.

It helps users furthermore as computer program bots to grasp wherever is content and what’s it about. The result’s content ranks well in search engines.


These are a number of the incorrect impressions that folks have about blogging. making money may be a sensible choice for blogging provided that you’re doing all the correct things.

Don’t simply fall under the entice of taking a road for creating cash however instead, use your brains and place during a ton of labor and dedication to win an interchangeable place within the industry.

Readers will like to scan you once you put yourself into writing blogs instead of simply writing them as a choice to making money online. you will need to handle some initial struggles but what is going to come back as an award for you’ll be definitely worth the wait and your efforts.

allow us to recognize if this text was of any facility to you. Also, comment on the misconceptions you had about blogging earlier and the way you’ve got understood what the fact is.

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