How to Select the Right Custom Drinkware for Your Audience


Promotional drinkware products – travel mugs, coffee mugs, tumblers, and water bottles are the types of promotional products that people can’t take their hands off. Whether you require a practical gift that you give to woo your potential customers or an event giveaway, these must-have custom drinkware products hit the sweet spot.

Custom drinkware brings cheers!

How to Select the Right Custom Drinkware for Your Audience

It is without a doubt that custom drinkware is one of the most demanded promotional products. Water bottles, mugs, and tumblers take up three of the top six categories of promotional products.

This is primarily because the people who get it find it extremely practical – 88 percent of them, as a matter of fact, as per the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute).

The research also suggests that 55 percent of the consumers in the United States who own custom drinkware use it two or three times a week. Just imagine the number of impressions you brand can get with such use.

Now that you understand how useful and important these products are, it is time to choose your ideal match.

Here is how you can safely select customized water bottles, tumblers, and mugs in different colors, sizes, and materials your customers will crave.

Tips for choosing the right promotional drinkware

1) Be the center of attention with custom water bottles, tumblers, and water bottles

To be the center of attention at a tradeshow or marketing event, make sure that your custom drinkware is most likely to be captured, choose drinkware that offers both substance and style.

Custom coffee mugs in different colors and size will allow the users to enjoy the cup as much as the beverage poured inside. There are a few mugs that come with accessories like built-in spoons, and sippers, etc.

Along the lines, there are just a few other mugs you can also offer to your customers like branded water bottles, tumblers, from branded companies,

giving you not just the space to advertise your brand, but also giving you a chance to hand-out something that your customers will incredibly enjoy.

To give an improvised touch into your custom drinkware, try including a few inspirational words into your promotional drinkware.

A custom coffee mug may contain a quote from someone famous that motivates people to perform at their best each day, whereas a water bottle can show a motivational quote to stay healthy.

2) Your custom drinkware should be according to your target audience

 When searching for a gift to give your staff or customers, consider the receiver. If your employees enjoy a cup of coffee every morning when they show up to work or your customers enjoy visiting a local coffee shop, the chances are that they will very much like customized mugs.

However, if you are searching for the right match for your organization’s charity walk or a staff picnic to the great outdoors, custom water bottles are the preferred choice.

If you are not sure about your recipient’s tastes, the practicality and functionality of tumblers, coffee mugs, and water bottles make them the leading choices for promotional gifts.

Choose custom drinkware that matches with your brand ideology

Not only should the color you select for your promotional product compliments your brand, but the quality should also be the talking point as well.

Always be sure to review the product to ensure that the product you are passing on speaks highly of your brand.

After all, when your giveaway is used by the people at the office, at home, or anywhere else, you’ll want everyone to notice it and think about your organization.

Promotional drinkware is the right choice to market your business

Once you have selected the most appropriate drinkware, make use of the right space to put inside brand coupons, materials, recipes, offers, and more to advertise your business.

The best part about custom drinkware is that it offers a great combination of style and function, making it an ideal fit to market your business.

Choose water bottles, promotional coffee mugs, tumblers, and other types of drinkware with your market requirements in mind with different colors and designs of a quality that combines with the ideology of your brand.

By applying such strategies, you’ll be handing out the best promotional products your staff and customers will reach for again and again.

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