Everything You Need To Know About sparkling white Teeth

sparkling white Teeth

It can make your face radiate and glow while you impress with a big smile sure to catch people’s eyes. Basically, having white teeth can have you looking and feeling great. There are lots of di…

It can make your face radiate and glow while you impress with a big smile sure to catch people’s eyes. Basically, having white teeth can have you looking and feeling great.

There are lots of different products on the market for this purpose, and there are equally as many different methods to try when whitening teeth. You may be wondering which ones work best, or you may be concerned about some of the health risks associated with teeth whitening.

That’s why we have created this handy guide to the most popular and common methods of teeth whitening you are likely to come across. Keep in mind that every product is different, and if you have any doubt about a particular teeth whitening product or procedure, it’s always best to consult your cosmetic dentist.

Teeth Whitening Chewing Gum

Even chewing gum has proposed teeth whitening effects these days, and you have probably already seen it sitting at the counters of newsagencies and supermarkets. The advantage of this product is that it’s cheap, and there are no known side effects or hazards. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that the results are minimal. You could chew gum all day and it still probably wouldn’t have as big an effect you would like.

Verdict – Cheap and enjoyable, but only minor real-world results.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

There are plenty of kinds of toothpaste out there offering teeth whitening properties for a relatively low price and while doing something that you would have to do anyway. There are no adverse health effects over regular toothpaste, and they are readily available.

If your teeth are in relatively good condition you may even see some slight benefits as long as you keep using the product. However, this is no substitute for some of the more extensive teeth whitening treatments available, and much like the gum, the real-world results are only minor.

Verdict – No harm done, slight results in good case scenarios but not a substitute for more extensive treatment. – According to

Teeth Whitening Kits

There are many different products on the market that allow you to perform your own teeth whitening. As you probably already know, they vary in price and quality so it has to be considered on a case by case basis. However, there are a few general considerations that can be applied to a broad number of products.

If the quality of the product is good, you are likely to see some results. While not many are as effective as a professional treatment, you can still achieve whiter teeth for much less money than with a cosmetic dentist. Of course, the cheaper products can be downright dangerous, so really do your research here.

Most use a gel, lasers or bright lights and a mouthguard when using this treatment. The disadvantages here are that the product may not fit or suit your mouth, such as in the case of a mouthguard. There’s also the potential for temporary discomfort if liquids get onto your gums or human error causes misuse.

Verdict – Results vary greatly from product to product, maybe some temporary discomfort but still can achieve results and for less than the price of paying a professional

Professional Teeth Whitening

Using a dentist or teeth whitening professional will likely deliver the best results when it comes to teeth whitening. The results are typically long-lasting and you should be in safe hands when you opt for this service.

However, with that in mind, not all teeth whitening companies have stringent requirements and you do not need to be a dentist to perform teeth whitening. It’s worthwhile using discretion when you pay someone to whiten your teeth.

The chemical used by dentists can be quite harsh and may cause at least some temporary discomfort. Excessive treatments can also wear down your teeth, which is not pleasant at all. Naturally Computer Technology Articles, these services are often the most expensive option too.

Verdict – The most effective but also the most expensive. Buyer discretion is still highly advisable.

We hope this has helped you make some more informed decisions about teeth whitening.

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