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In developing a sales business plan the biggest problem they face is building up their sales business plan, which is they don’t do it. Companies look at their business plan only when they need to find capital, financial resources or they approach the banks. Preparing a sales budget is not a plan, it is a goal. To achieve that goal, you must need a plan with the method and strategies you will need to use it.

Normally every sales manager is given a target which they must achieve during the quarter, month or a year.  These are the goals that have been established. Now it is up to the approach of managers that how they establish a business plan to achieve those business plans.

Steps to develop a Successful Business Plan:

Down below are the steps to develop your Sales Business plan:

1. The first step is to establish a sales team. There can be many stakeholders in achieving your sales goals, so you must involve them also. The team can be from accounts, sales, marketing, operations, and service. The purpose of involving these persons is to get support, dividing workload, and getting additional insight into the team.

2. The second thing is that when the goal is set then the methodology is needed to achieve the required set of goals. How you will produce the desired results is that you should look at the past data. As an example, last year sales were $1.0 million. You sold $40000 of category A, $40000 of category B, and $20000 of category C. That’s the baseline.

3. Now you will need that how many sales are required, you will hit in each category a new number. Now the mathematical work comes and you will take averages of last sales and you will get the information.

4. The next step will be that how many leads it took to make each sale? And how many presentations it took to make a sale?


The next step will be to know your ideal customer and we call this customer profiling. When your business is new, drawing your ideal customers is solely based on market research.  If you are doing a sales business for some time then you must look at your customer and know that what sets them apart from the rest of the world. You must hit the right targets and you must make a list of your most top clients and determine like locate them demographically, know the industry, know the size of employees and annual sales, SIC code, how the lead was developed, their decision makers, and the department of decision maker. Know your ideal customer and add them to your sales Business plan.

6. The next step is to know the market will support your required needs or not. You must know if they’re your target customers in the market?

7. The next step is to develop your marketing strategy and for that determine how many prospects you need to hit the required figure. In the next step know your prospects. In the next step, you will find that your market can support you or not.  You need five sources for starting a new business which is: direct mails, referrals, local events or trade, media (INTERNET), and your salespeople. After that, you must evaluate your sales team. Are they good enough to deliver what you expect from them? While building your sales business plan you must focus on the skills required for the sales teams to execute the plan.

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