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Are you doing a travel agency business? Hurray, it’s a good decision but wait your work is just started. You need to establish an important campaign to allow sustained and unstoppable business growth. Here are some strategies that are easy, quick, and important to increase the volume of sales of your newly established business.

Start pursuing the five quick steps of experienced communication. The most common mistake every new Travel business makes is that they follow each and every inquiry.  To encounter this mistake you need to hire a team that can professionally communicate with the enquirer.

Down below are simple points of communication:

  1. A simple call to the enquirer about what he feels about the information supplied to him.
  2. Second, e-mail about the prospect’s trip.
  3. Third, a thanking letter to the enquirer for enquiring.
  4. Forth, pursue on call to know their future plans and offer your assistance. This step makes you successful in establishing a rapport with them.
  5. Finally it is a perfect time to ask about booking information and their final commitment.

All these steps are identical and the key is that they can be done over different mediums like a phone call, e-mail, or a letter by direct mail.


There are many types of travel agencies and the main function of agencies is to act as an agent. In the travel business there things like tickets, room bookings and travel products and so on. The earning way of agents is charging a small amount on the final amount. There are commercial agencies and travel agencies. These businesses include departments and leisure travel. The needs of travelers differ in many ways. Therefore responsibilities are divided in such a way that there is no burden and it leads to better handling and dealing.

There are some agencies specialized in business travel and commercial travel only. There are also other agencies like cargo or you may call them shipping cargo. It doesn’t mean you want to acquire the services of a cargo agency to travel personally or for business purposes.

The purpose of informing about shipping agency is to let you know that are different specialized areas in each agency. Each and every agency have different level of work and you can research what agency suits you according to your interests. Down below is the list of some agencies you need to know about:

  1. Independent Travel Agency
  2. Online Travel Agency
  3. Visitor Information Centers
  4. Hotel and Concierge Services
  5. Inbound Tour Operators
  6. Global Distribution Systems

The purpose of the Travel Agency is to provide services related to tourism to the public and their services include activities like airline ticketing, car rental services, cruise lines, railway, insurance, Food restaurants, Hotels, transportation, cruise lines, and package tours. Travel agencies make it easier for the public or clients to travel in an organized manner and travel according to the plans they have made. The purpose of these agencies is to earn money and provide better services that make your travel easy and comfortable. Thank you for reading out the above article.

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